Boiler Servicing

Make sure you get the best out of your boiler by having it serviced regularly. Winter can be very demanding on a boiler, don’t let it go up in smoke. Many boilers also require servicing for Warranty and Contract maintenance purposes.

Annual boiler service is a sensible option to keep your boiler in the best possible condition ready for the onslaught of the winter months.

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Imagine when you wake up on a freezing cold winter’s day to find your boiler making strange noises, no hot water in the taps and the heating on the blink. Not an ideal situation when there’s frost on the ground.

Boilers are at their most vulnerable in the winter, when they are in more or less constant use, but they can break down at any time. That’s why it’s important to keep your boiler in good condition and minimise the risk of break down as having to replace one can cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.