What boiler type is right for my home?



Picking the perfect boiler for your home depends on many factors, this includes how many radiators you have and the size of your property.

ATG offer a quick and easy tool for you to search which boiler is best for your property. Simply select the type of house you live in and how many rooms you have in the house. You will also need some basic information about the boiler you currently have. Our search will be able to show you the most suited option, click here to find the right boiler for you.


If you are still unsure of what the difference is between the different boiler types are read our handy insights below:


What’s the difference between a heat, system and a combi?

The main difference between the two is the heat boiler says what it does on the tin. It gives heat. The boiler cannot determine between a command for hot water and heating.

Heat only models work with a separate hot water cylinder and cold-water storage tank, which is generally found in loft spaces.


A combi or combination boiler on the other hand does know the difference between the demand for hot water and heating, it uses a diverter valve to change between the two. This type does not require a tank and it will provide hot water just the same. But, if you have a busy household with multiple bathrooms, and more than one person takes a shower at the same time, you can notice a pressure drop. It is common for those with a combi boiler to also have an electric shower. This prevents a drop in water pressure when you have something else running at the same time, for example, a dishwasher.


And Finally, the System boiler, this like the heat boiler. It has a cylinder to store hot water, but it does not need a storage tank. This boiler is ideal for those who have a larger home with limited storage in the loft.

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