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6 things you should remember when buying your first home with a boiler
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6 Things You Should Remember When Buying Your First Home With a Boiler


A new home in your sights? Have you ever come across a perfect place and a remarkable deal that you've been eyeing for a while? Well, if you've realized you'd like to live in that dream house, we hope you've heard about boilers that your house may or may not include.

In the process of looking for a house or moving into one, you should ask a few questions about the boiler so as not to be caught off guard. There's a chance that your home could be a listed building as well if you're looking to buy. Potential buyers will consider the following items when evaluating your property. Having said that, let's dive into some pointers to be thought about while buying or selling a house from a boiler perspective. 

combi boilers
combi boilers

What kind of boiler should I buy?

In the course of your search, you might like to carefully consider each type of boiler that you are considering buying. Gas combi boilers, which provide both heating and hot water, are the most common type of boiler in the UK. Other types of boiler include condensing boilers, system boiler and a conventional boiler.

The most efficient also happens to be the cheapest. The price of heating water can vary greatly depending on the type of boiler or immersion heater used. When choosing a boiler for your house, keep the bathrooms and area in mind. 

Where is the boiler installed?

If you move into your new home, make sure you know where the boiler is, where the cold water storage tank is, where the hot water cylinder (if there is one) is and where the stopcock is. Moreover, you may want to consider how easily accessible it is. Also, check to see where the pipes' insulation is so they won't freeze when temperatures are below zero in the winter.

If you plan to replace your existing boiler during renovation, it's easier for you to estimate where the new boiler may go if you know the location of your boiler. Ideally, boilers should be positioned in a place where they do not occupy much space but are also easy to access and maintain.

central heating boiler
central heating boiler

Who manufactured the boiler?

When you look at properties, hear what the estate agent or seller has to say about the boiler model, so that you know what to expect. The information you learned here could be helpful if you're trying to do some research regarding boiler insurance or service plans.

See the service history documents provided by the estate agent or seller. How long has it been since it was serviced? Did an engineer registered with Gas Safe, service the appliance? It should be possible to find out the details of its inspection history on the Gas Certificate. The manual may contain it, or it might be on a sticker on the boiler.

Some boilers are well known for being better than others, so it's worth finding out this information.

How is the boiler's condition?

The boiler needs to be examined. Ensure what you are looking at has no rust, damp spots, dirt, or leaks. The maintenance record should provide you with some insight into how well the boiler has been maintained. If the boiler in that property is exceptionally old, it might be an issue and potentially cause you future problems.

If your heating system begins to become clogged with dirt and sludge, radiators feel cold, as well as your boiler may vibrate sporadically. In addition to being inefficient, a boiler from the past may even cause carbon monoxide poisoning. You should be very cautious about choosing a property with an old boiler if you don't intend to purchase one soon after moving in.

It could be a good bargaining tool if the boiler is not serviced, is very old and may need replacing or doesn't meet the criteria of the property. If there is no service history or it is not up to date, your solicitor may require or suggest you get it serviced and checked over by a qualified gas safe plumber before you sign for the property.

ATG Boiler Installations established in Hull, East Yorkshire provide a range of boiler installation services.
ATG Boiler Installations established in Hull, East Yorkshire provide a range of boiler installation services.

Is the boiler energy efficient?

Inefficient boilers can dramatically increase your fuel bills, causing you to feel uncomfortable during the winter months as you constantly try to warm your home up! There are many modern boilers that have an efficiency rating, and most are rated with the European A label due to their energy efficiency.

Consider replacing an inefficient boiler with an Energy Star boiler when going for a specific house, but it is equipped with an inefficient boiler. In addition to saving money on energy bills over time, it could also benefit the environment. Even though you may pay an additional fee, you can save a great deal over time.

Is there a warranty on the boiler?

There is a possibility that you still have a warranty on the boiler, in which case they may not be your responsibility. The seller should provide you with all the details. Remember that warranties will cease to be valid if you don't keep up with regular service, so maintain it within a year of the last service.

In the event the boiler requires repairs, and you are not covered under warranty, perhaps you should purchase a maintenance contract. When you move into your potential new home, make sure you place boiler maintenance high on your list of things to do. If the boiler hasn't been serviced in the last year, you should schedule it as soon as possible after moving in.

It is often the boiler that is overlooked when looking for a new home. Getting your new place could come with unpleasant surprises, as you don't know what you're getting. Along the way to finding your new home, don't forget to ask about the boiler - you'll be glad you did! 

Keeping our technical team members registered with Gas Safe is fundamental for us here at ATG. Our team offers installation and maintenance for boilers as well. 

Heating System
Heating System
atg boiler installations
Steve Groke
As the managing director of ATG Boiler Installation, Steve has over 10-years of experience installing boilers for customers in Hull and across the East Yorkshire area. On the blog, Steve shares useful guidance and expert recommendations on all aspects of plumbing and heating.
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