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one stop checklist for boiler servicing
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One-stop Checklist for Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing Checklist

To ensure that your boiler operates safely and efficiently, we suggest that you schedule a regular annual boiler service. By doing so, you can be confident that your heating system is running at peak efficiency, and you won't receive a shocking bill at the end of each month.

We must understand that energy-saving and money-saving can go hand in hand with smooth appliance functionality. Having the checklist handy will help you stay organized.

You can use this annual boiler service checklist to prepare for your first boiler service or to learn more about what happens during a boiler service. We'll go over what you can expect upon arriving on-site, what you can expect from your gas safe engineers, and some helpful questions you may have.

Professional plumber checking a boiler
Annual Boiler Service

What is a boiler service?

Maintaining the boiler and central heating system can ensure they run at their most efficient levels. Though this depends on the appliance, most services are completed within a few hours. Having a boiler serviced can help you to avoid costly repairs in the future.

An experienced Gas Safe engineer will inspect everything and ensure everything is working well during the boiler service. When you schedule an appointment, you can be sure that your boiler will be left working properly and as safely as possible.

The engineer's arrival: what you can expect

A Gas Safe engineer will introduce himself, and check that the service was expected. Additionally, your technician will discuss your boiler with you before performing any work and may ask if the boiler has ever had problems or if there are any problems with it.

Also, your engineer will make sure the property is kept clean while conducting the inspection so that you do not have to deal with the clean-up afterward.

A sealed boiler that includes any type of heating system will be checked by an engineer for any leaks, which could indicate an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. The Gas Safe engineer always follows strict safety rules during the service, ensuring your safety and the safety of your home.

Set up boiler. Worker set up electric heating boiler at home bathroom
gas safe registered engineer

When Should I Service My Boiler?

It's typically advisable to have an annual boiler service, not just to ensure it's safe, but in many cases to ensure it's still covered by the warranty. Summer is the best time to have a boiler installed since your house relies less on it during this season. Having your boiler ready for the cold winter months assures that your home will be warm.

When you have concerns regarding the performance of your boiler, it is recommended that you approach an appropriately qualified and registered technician regardless of whether your annual service is due yet, since safety could be compromised.

What does boiler service involve?

The engineer working on your gas boiler must be registered and certified by the Gas Safe Register, and the engineer working on your oil boiler should be registered with the OFTEC. 

The engineer will do the following when servicing your boiler:
  1. Physical inspection – your engineer will look for leaks or corrosion in your boiler and determine if it meets current standards. Additionally, your boiler's flame will be visually examined.
  2. Boiler shell removal - Then, the components of the boiler will be checked to ensure they are working properly, followed by a thorough cleaning. Included in this check should be the boiler, the burner, the chief injector, and the spark plug.
  3. A flue inspection will take place – the engineer will make sure that the flue terminals are free of obstructions and that it is installed correctly.
  4. Check your boiler's pressure – making sure it is operating at the correct pressure is essential.
  5. Initiation of the boiler – this allows the engineer to observe if the boiler is functioning properly
  6. In the event they discover a safety defect, they'll ensure that you are informed and that the fault is fixed, according to GIUSP (Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure).
Heating System
Heating System

Finishing the boiler service final checks 

An engineer can do some final checks after your boiler service is complete to ensure it is in top condition. The technician will inspect your heating system, water heater, and radiators for signs of corrosion as well as other potential problems.

If there is a filter on your heating system, the engineer will check it and clean it if it has debris. Any issue that needs fixing will be explained to you fully, including what needs to be done, if the work is covered under your warranty, and how long it will take. 

A quote will be provided to you if you require payment for the repair, and you can compare that quote with quotes from other providers. Upon your request, the engineer will schedule a convenient time and date to complete the work, in accordance with the boiler manufacturer's instructions.

ATG Boiler Installations established in Hull, East Yorkshire provide a range of boiler installation services.
ATG Boiler Installations established in Hull, East Yorkshire provide a range of boiler installation services.

It will be checked whether the final system pressure is as specified by the manufacturer if your heating system is sealed. Once they've completed the service, the boiler and thermostat settings will be left in their original state. 

Hopefully, you have now obtained a quick checklist to ensure that your boiler is serviced for safety and reliability. We have all the information you need if you're wondering how to book a boiler service. ATG's engineers are ready to examine and recommend the right feedback for your boilers. 

Your requirements will be met by professionals who are accredited and trusted to handle them. Let us be your one-stop-shop for all your Boiler needs.  

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Steve Groke
As the managing director of ATG Boiler Installation, Steve has over 10-years of experience installing boilers for customers in Hull and across the East Yorkshire area. On the blog, Steve shares useful guidance and expert recommendations on all aspects of plumbing and heating.
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