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when is the right time to get a new boiler
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When Is the Right Time to Get a New Boiler?

The boiler is one of those home items which have to be extra reliable as you will need it all year round for hot water as well as central heating in the winter. Good and modern boilers can go up to 10-15 years working well based on usage. Also if the boiler is getting regular servicing by a heating engineer approved by the manufacturer, then there are more chances of getting a good lifespan from the boiler and less need for a replacement new boiler.

If your existing boiler is approaching 10-15 years of age then start looking for the below points to support your decision of updating the boiler to a new boiler. Instead of making an urgent call to change the boiler in winter, it would be better to replace it in the summer when plumbers are much quieter.

So, how do you know when you need a new boiler?

combi boiler
New Boiler

Boiler Beyond Repair

You fix it when it breaks for the first time but if you are paying again if it is breaking for the 100th time. That indicates your boiler is irreparable and you need a replacement boiler. Instead of paying for the repairs now and then, you can invest in a good modern boiler and stay tension-free for another 10 years.

As the boiler gets old, it is difficult to get spare parts and they get more expensive. There might be a chance that your total repair cost is the same as getting a new boiler system. If your boiler needs continuous replacement parts, then it is calling for complete replacement.

Do you find leaks in your boiler?

Do you find puddles around your boiler?

Does your boiler give off an odd smell? 

Most of the noticeable points that call for a change are corrosion and cracks in the boiler. Non-uniform water circulation in the boiler can cause non-uniform heating. When overheated steel is made to drop temperature quickly by cooling, a crack may develop. Keep an eye on that. It’s best to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid any type of major failure or mishaps

Update based on the requirements

Households with high heating demand can opt for boilers with a higher KW output. With many new features coming up with thermostat settings users can always opt for easy settings boilers. 

Do people use hot water at once?

Is hot water required throughout the day?

Do you spend major time outside?

Such questions from the installer can help them to understand your requirements. It will be worth it if you go ahead and update the engineer.  Knowledgeable heating engineers can help you in determining your requirements for a central heating system.

New Boiler
Combi Boiler

Use high energy efficiency rating

With the advent of technologies, boilers with High energy efficiency ratings will affect your energy bills. The lower the rating the higher the energy bills. It is therefore advisable for homeowners to invest in a good boiler with a high energy efficiency rating.

The UK government also insists on installing energy-efficient boilers to save the environment . so whenever it seems that energy bills are going up with the same amount of consumption, it might be because of your old boiler. Investing in a new combi boiler can save you money in not only repairs but efficiency and energy consumption too.

As per regulations, the boiler must have at least an efficiency of 86% for gas and 85% for oil. An assessment is carried out by an installer on the type of boiler which is determined based on your requirements. The assessment procedures are mentioned in detail in the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government publication

Boilers won't stay efficient as they were in the beginning and need an upgrade. The savings with energy-efficient boilers can cover your buying cost in the future.

Heating System
Heating System

Changing the location of the Boiler

If you are not happy with the place where your old boiler is installed and want to change it then it's better to go with a new boiler instead of changing the whole central heating system. It will be helpful to inform the engineer if you are planning to renovate or extend the house or if you have anything in mind related to any improvements or possible boiler relocation.

A combi boiler is ok for some properties, but if you are planning to extended you may need a different boiler installation to accommodate a larger property. A new boiler needs planning for the future of your home.

Combi Boilers
Combi Boilers

Which is the best time of the year for Boiler installation?

You can replace your central heating systems whenever you feel it is time to change for an efficient boiler. A conventional boiler is mostly used in winter so better not to wait till the cold season and get it replaced in summer when the weather is warmer. With winter and festivals around, it can be an expensive time of the year, so better to be done in the summer months.

If your engineer tells you that the boiler needs to get changed and is unsafe to use now then better to do the work immediately. No need to worry if you have an external boiler since they are designed to withstand bad weather.

Contact us for advice and to look into your new boiler options and provide a recommendation for the best way to upgrade without any hidden agenda. 

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Steve Groke
As the managing director of ATG Boiler Installation, Steve has over 10-years of experience installing boilers for customers in Hull and across the East Yorkshire area. On the blog, Steve shares useful guidance and expert recommendations on all aspects of plumbing and heating.
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